Choosing the Best Finish for Steel Plate

Steel plate can come in a variety of finish choices.  Galvanized, painted and customized are just a few of the finish options offered when ordering non-slip SLIPNOT steel plate.  How do you choose the correct finish to fit your application? Listed below are a few of the questions to ask when deciding on a finish for non-slip steel plates.

  • Does the application require mill finish?
    • Some applications require the steel plate to remain bare for the application.  SLIPNOT can provide mill finish steel plates, but we strongly recommend painting or galvanizing to help protect from rust and corrosion.  Companies may order mill finish plates to have them painted or galvanized later on.
  • Will the steel plate be in a wet area?
    • If a steel plate will be installed in a wet area, galvanizing recommended to help prevent rust and corrosion from developing on the surface of the plate.  SLIPNOT steel plates are galvanized in accordance with ASTM A123 and other appropriate specifications.
  • Will there be grease or oil around the area?
    • Grease or oil on a plate can also cause rust and corrosion to form on the surface.  SLIPNOT products can be power washed or cleaned with organic solvents.  If the surface is not properly protected, rust will develop.
  • Will the plate need to be visible?
    • SLIPNOT steel plate can be painted to fit customer specifications.  Safety yellow paint can be used to call attention to the plate in areas where visibility is key, as well as to protect it from rust.
  • Do you need any customization of the plate?
    • SLIPNOT is able to mask off areas of the plate to keep a smooth, non coated portion available for logos, welding, etc.  The plate can still be painted, galvanized or left mill finish.

Each finish option is available to fit the specifications of each application.  The finishes are applied over theSLIPNOT coating and will not harm the slip resistant surface.  SLIPNOT steel plate can be ordered in stock sizes or in custom sizes to be installed directly in the field without any further fabrication.  The SLIPNOT coating forms a 100% non-skid surface in all directions, which allows anyone who comes into contact with it to remain on their feet.

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