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Stainless Work Platforms Inspection Checklist

Designed for applications where safety and efficiency
are vital for industrial and commercial environments


Stainless Work Platforms Inspection Checklist

November 2, 2012

Safety at heights is a top priority for many corporations due to the amount of accidents that happen from slips and falls at heights. To ensure safety for employees, a documented procedure and checklist for inspections of stainless work platforms should be incorporated into maintenance activities.

Follow this checklist to ensure stainless work platforms are ready for use:

  • Ladders leading to stainless work platforms are secure and undamaged
  • Flooring material does not have imperfections (example: holes, splits and cracks)
  • Flooring material is slip resistant
  • There is not clutter on work surfaces
  • There are no spills or liquids present on walking surfaces
  • Accident reporting procedures are posted and enforced
  • Suitable safety platforms should be provided along a ladder where worker activity is anticipated and where lack of such a platform would cause a significant additional hazard for workers.
    • For example: at the top of a ladder on a tower or similar structure where work of significant duration can be anticipated (such as gathering information on emissions).
  • Minimum total depth of the platform (from climbed side of ladder to guardrail) should be 760 mm (30 inches) and the minimum width of the platform should be 760 mm (30 inches).