Steel Floor Grating in Facilities

SLIPNOT ADA compliant grating

Slip resistant metal bar grating is a viable option for companies and facilities seeking a heavy duty material that can withstand extreme heat and industrial conditions.  Steel floor grating can be sold in a variety of styles, types or bar size spacing.

To see if slip resistant steel floor grating could be a material utilized in your facility, review the following factors:

  • Is there a need for drainage of liquids?
    • Depending on the spacing of the metal bar grating, liquids of all kinds can be safely drained away from the walking/working surface.
  • Is there a need for light, air or visibility through the flooring material?
    • Air movement and visibility are very important within a manufacturing facility; steel floor grating allows for both.
  • Are slippery areas caused by oil, water or other liquids a concern for workers at the facility?
    • Workers need to be confident in their work environment; non-slip steel floor grating reduces the chance of slip and fall accidents.
  • Does existing floor material become slippery when the facility is in use?
    • Flooring needs to be safe at all times for everyone who is utilizing it.
  • Is a product needed that requires minimal maintenance?
    • Non-slip steel floor grating can be cleaned with a power washer and a stiff bristled brush if needed.
  • Is the flooring installed in a facility or environment that has harsh or extreme environmental conditions?
    • Slip resistant steel floor grating can hold up in extreme environments because it has a file hard surface and is very durable.

If answered yes to any of the above factors, non slip bar grating could be beneficial to your plant or facility.  Slip resistant steel flooring provides safety against slippery areas while providing drainage.   Steel flooring is ideal for use in harsh industrial environments while requiring little maintenance.

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