How to Protect Steel Flooring

Steel flooring is easily susceptible to rust and corrosion.  It is most often used in high traffic industrial areas due to the high strength to weight ratio steel provides.  If you check one or more of the following items, you may want to consider protecting your steel flooring:

  • You have extreme humidity in your facility
  • Liquids and other substances often spill or exist on flooring
  • Flooring needs to be washed down daily with a power washer or other means
  • Application is outdoor and exposed to weather elements
  • Flooring is exposed to chemicals

Steel flooring can be protected from rust and corrosion using the hot dipped galvanizing process as well as by using anti-corrosive paint, electroplating, and chromium plating among others.  Protecting steel flooring by any means can lead to a 20-25 year longer service life, less maintenance and eliminate rust and corrosion.  Steel flooring can be used in interior or exterior applications, in exterior applications where steel is exposed to weather elements steel should always be galvanized.

“Designing with Structural Steel a Guide for Architects Second Edition”

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