Aluminum Angle Safety

Are you looking for a product that is attractive, lightweight, corrosion resistant, durable and strong?  A product that can be used in almost every industry in countless applications?  If so, aluminum angle is your answer.

Aluminum angle is easily fabricated to different shapes and lengths.  It can be welded and bolted in place.  Due to the fact that aluminum angle is so versatile, it is used in an endless array of products ranging from machine parts, cubical frames, decorations, mounting panels, showcase tables, truck trailers, ship construction, racks, shelves, and even solar panels.  Aluminum angle is also used for ladders and nosings on stairs.

Safety must be considered if using aluminum angles as slip and fall accidents are common on stairs and from heights.  What safety options are available?

1.)    Grooved surface: many aluminum ladders and nosings can be provided with a grooved surface that provides some traction.  This traction may work well in temporary circumstances, but in slippery environments something more aggressive should be considered.  Grooved surfaces have a tendency to wear unevenly and have a short life cycle.

2.)    Tape on products: tape on products provide some traction when used on aluminum nosings and ladders.  This product will need to be maintained and will not be a permanent solution.

3.)    Manufactured metal coating: aluminum angle that has been coated with a non-slip metal surface will provide a high traction, long lasting safe surface.  SLIPNOT provides custom fabricated nosing or angle made of aluminum, steel or stainless steel which has been treated with a patented slip resistant coating.

Slip resistant aluminum angle is ideal in commercial buildings, school stairways, restaurant entrances and marine environments among many others.  Costco Wholesale is an example of a staircase that was made safe using SLIPNOT aluminum nosings.  Keeping safety first, the store installed non-slip angle made of aluminum over their diamond plate stairway.  The aluminum nosings provide long lasting traction keeping employees and pedestrians on their feet.

Aluminum angle is a versitle product that is utilized in a variety of ways in almost every industry.  When used as a safety product, angle can be a durable option when coated properly.  Keep aluminum angle in mind for your next project.

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