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Leading Indicators in Safety

Using leading indicators to measure the success of a safety and health program is becoming more common and can make it easier to achieve continuous improvement.

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Worker Safety and Wearable Movement Devices

Many of us track our movement, steps taken and calories burned every day using some sort of wearable fitness device. Can these same sort of devices be used to help safety?

Managing Risks

Implementing a safety program that focuses on mitigating risks before they become incidents will keep workers more safe than a reactive safety program.

Plan Ahead for Winter Hazards

What can you do not in order to prevent injuries due to winter conditions inside and outside of your facility?

Stainless on Aluminum Floor Plate for Proctor Products

Mezzanine Safety

What are effective ways to protect product and employee on mezzanines?

Addressing the Human Factor in Safety

Be sure to not only physically account for reducing slips, trips and falls, but also train employees minds to think safer therefore reducing injuries.

Stop Work Authority Cards

A simple daily safety reminder to employees can be issued to by the way of Stop Work Authority cards. It reminds employees that they are responsible for safety.

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