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Safety is something that is talked about everyday in most workplace.  How do you get people to truly listen and talk about safety without tuning it out?  How do you get safety conversations to really matter and to affect situations in the workplace?  A featured article on entitled “ 3 Tips for Creating Positive Safety Conversations” gives the following  suggestions:

  • Leaders should role model the conversation: Sometimes gut reactions are hard to control, however, the safety leader should respond to a safety incident, whether that be a near miss or a recordable injury, in a respectful way that shows he/she cares about the safety of the employee.  A leader’s tone sets the mood for safety conversations between co-workers.
  • Ask more questions: Never assume you know why a safety incident happened.  People don’t generally come to work and try to get injured, something must have happened.  What happened in the environment around the time of the incident? What was the person who was involved really thinking?  By asking more questions a safety leader may be able to uncover hidden dangers and unsafe behaviors within a workplace.
  • Safety DNA guides decisions about personal risk: By knowing your own and your co-workers attitude, personal traits, abilities and values within the workplace it may be easier to decrease risk exposure.  Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and these can be used to help guide behaviors that affect personal safety as well as companywide safety.

Try these simple suggestions for meaningful safety conversations at your place of employment to see if they truly can make a difference!  Opening up meaningful conversations shows employees that they are valued and their safety matters to the company.  Another way to increase safety moral is to use high quality safety products such as SLIPNOT products that provide confidence for workers in slippery situations.  Keeping employees on their feet without having to constantly replace flooring products may also in productivity increases among workers.  Start a safety conversation with a SLIPNOT representative easily via the chat section on our website, an informative call or email.

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