Stop Work Authority Cards

Are you looking for a small way to remind employees on a daily basis that they have the authority and responsibility to stop unsafe behavior and work conditions?  You may want to consider a Stop Work Authority card.  This card is a simple way to make sure that employees know that they are held responsible for their own safe behavior and are responsible for stopping any unsafe behavior they might see in the work place.  Many companies issue a Stop-card that clips to a lanyard or a key pass and is worn every day.

A Stop-card generally states specifically that an employee should:

  • Stop unsafe actions and conditions immediately for themselves or others
  • Talk to their co-workers to try to come up with a solution to the safety hazard
  • If there is doubt or a solution cannot be reached they should contact a supervisor or the Health and Safety department
  • Never be afraid of any negative consequences if they make use of the Stop-card or their authority under it

Stop-cards are an easy way to empower employees to take responsibility for their actions and their work environment.  They can be customized to reflect a company’s standards and motto’s and serve as a simple injury prevention tool.

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