Where do Slip and Falls Happen?

Slip and fall accidents cost companies and municipalities millions of dollars a year and are very common. According to the National Safety Council slip and falls are the second most costly type of worker’s compensation claim, averaging $20,228. Slip and fall accidents can also be fatal. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 700 people a year die from falling. Finding the areas that most commonly lead to these accidents is the first step in preventing them.

Stair ways:

Many accidents occur when stairways are covered with water, oil, grime or other slippery substances. Worn wood, diamond plate, plastic or metal stairs are opportunities for disaster.

Slip resistant metal stair treads can easily be installed over existing stair ways to prevent slip and fall accidents. They are long lasting and durable. Many stair treads can be welded into place, or can be attached with countersunk screws.

Replacing the nosing on the stair may be another viable option. Non slip metal stair nosings are an attractive solution to any slippery stair way. Metal nosings can be attached to existing treads by bolting or welding them on. They can also be placed into new cement with J-hooks.


Falls that happen from ladders can be very serious. Whether the ladder has a slippery substance on it, or the worker is trying to carry too much up at once, the result can be fatal.

Establishing safety rules for ladders is the best place to start when preventing accidents.

Making the ladder rungs slip resistant will prevent feet or hands from slipping off the rungs. Slip resistant metal ladder rung covers that fit directly over the existing ladder rungs are a cost effective solution to making ladders safer. Metal rung covers can be welded onto slippery rungs easily renewing safety.

If a new ladder is being built, slip resistant metal rungs can be welded into the new construction. Non-slip metal rungs and rung covers can be purchased in stock lengths, or cut to specific sizes.

Catwalks / Walkways / Platforms:

From the food processing industry to the automobile industry; worker platforms, walkways and catwalks can be come covered with water, oil, cleaning materials or other slippery substances, creating dangerous situations for workers.

Many industries have used diamond / checker plate as a “slip resistant” solution. Diamond / checker plate can become slippery when coated with any sort of wet substance. Products such as non slip metal plate or grating are much better options when it comes to preventing slip and fall accidents.

Slip resistant metal plate or metal grating can replace old flooring, or non slip plate, perforated plate and expanded metal can be retrofit over top of the existing floor.

Slip resistant metal products are available in a variety of metal including steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Steel products can be galvanized to facilitate use in outdoor areas.


Municipalities face a chance for a costly lawsuit when installing manhole covers or lids for utility vaults in pedestrian walkways. Pedestrians taking a leisurely stroll down the side walk can end up injured if they slip on a wet or oily plate.

Slip resistant metal products are a cost effective and long lasting solution.

Products can be fabricated to meet any DOT standards, and can be personalized with a city logo.


It is important that companies and municipalities take the proper steps to avoid slip and fall accidents that lead to injury or even fatality. Proper examination of danger areas followed by investment in slip resistant materials is a necessary precaution.

By facing slippery situations head on, companies and municipalities can not only save millions of dollars in compensation but can also save lives.

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