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Non Slip Aluminum Treads for Community Hall Entrance

The Situation:

Hegge Construction was looking for a non slip and durable material to cover an existing wood deck with very limited clearance under the entrance doors at the Grandhaven Hall. The material also needed to be corrosion resistant, as it was intended for outdoor use and may be exposed to wet weather elements.

The Solution:

After discussing the options with a SlipNOT® sales representative, it was decided the optimal choice for this entrance would be ¼”aluminum plate stair treads with a 2” nosing. The 1/4” material allows for a thin enough surface the doors can still swing open and close. The treads were 47- ¾” x 96” of 5052 H32 aluminum alloy.

The Impact:

The SlipNOT® aluminum treads were installed with ease and met the criteria, “working beautifully”, according to the customer. The customer also stated that “the product was high quality and the service from the girls at SlipNOT® was equally good. I would definitely use this product again if required.”