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Anti Slip Stainless Platform and Catwalk in Food Processing Facility

The Situation:

Food processing plants have countless areas that can become slippery due to cleaning practices, food bi-products and/ or grease. In order to keep employees safe and food safety practices stringent; hygienic slip resistant flooring can be incorporated into areas of concern. Areas around floor food scales can become particularly slippery from ingredients (wet or dry) and wash down processes.

The Solution:

This food processing facility contacted Tweet Garot Mechanical Inc. to have a specialized stainless steel 3 scale platform and catwalk created. A trench drain was included on the stainless steel platform to collect run off. Keeping safety in mind, the customer requested the SlipNOT® stainless steel coating be incorporated. The ¼” 304 stainless steel plates were then shipped to SlipNOT® to have the NSF registered anti slip surface applied. Following, Tweet Garot fabricated and constructed the platform and catwalk for the end user.

The Impact:

SlipNOT® high traction stainless steel will ensure years of slip resistant safety for the food processing plant. Sure footing also leads to an increase in productivity, and aids employees in precision while accessing this work area daily.