Slip Resistant Perforated Steel on Emergency Fire Escape Stairwell

High Traction Perforated Steel
  • The Situation

    The history of Coca-Cola began in 1886 when Dr. John S. Pemberton, a curious Atlanta pharmacist, wanted to create a distinctive tasting soft drink that could be sold at soda fountains. After experimenting with his recipe and receiving raving reviews, Pemberton’s partner & bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson, coined the famed drink “Coca-Cola” and also designed the classic logo still used today. An estimated 1.9 billion servings of Coca-Cola are consumed per day, which is a significant rise from the 9 servings a day that were sold in the first year.

    Coca-Cola is a globally iconic brand and has multiple stores across the nation, exhibiting an array of merchandise that include: decorative items, apparel, accessories, one-of-a-kind art pieces and more. The newest store opened during the summer of 2016, located in the Town Center neighborhood of Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort. Separating it from the other stores is a 30-foot-wide blown-glass chandelier crafted from repurposed Coca-Cola bottles, photo-ops with the 7-foot Coca-Cola Polar Bear, and the roof top beverage bar for the ultimate tasting experience.

    The safety of their visitors and employees is a major priority for Disney, which is why the emergency fire stairwells were reinforced with SLIPNOT's slip resistant stair treads.

  • The Solution

    SLIPNOT provided the Coca Cola Store at Disney Springs with (5) ¼” x various sized steel perforated landings and (191) ¼” x various sized steel perforated treads painted black to prevent rust and corrosion. Perforated plate is light weight and also prevents standing water with proper drainage and airflow.

  • The Impact

    The fire exit stairs on the newest Coca-Cola store are now fully equipped, assisting workers or heavy traffic in the event of an emergency. SLIPNOT safety flooring products have been installed in multiple areas around Walt Disney Parks & Resorts worldwide. Offering a large library of several different products and multiple customizable options, SLIPNOT makes it easy to find the right product for any project.

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