SLIPNOT Punched Plank Installed on United States Air Force Trailer

  • The Situation

    The United States Air Force provides aerial protection to the citizens of the United States. The organization has nearly 330,159 active duty personnel and 68,872 reservists making it the largest air force in the world. The Air Force recently contacted Arnold Machinery Company in Flaggstaff, AZ to construct a catwalk on a trailer for implementation in the Air Force. An anti-slip solution was required for the catwalk on the trailer to help provide safety to Air Force personnel utilizing the area. The slip resistant material needed to be light weight to add minimal additional weight to the truck and provide drainage of liquids and debris that could obstruct personnel on the platform. The material also needed to be removable to allow personnel to remove the catwalk from the trailer if needed.

  • The Solution:

    Arnold Machinery contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring for an anti-slip material solution. SLIPNOT supplied 2” x 18” x 105” aluminum aluminum punched plank for the application. Aluminum plank provided the Air Force with a light weight material that would add little additional weight to the trailer enabling the trailer to still be able to quickly maneuver. The lightweight material also allows personnel to quickly and efficiently remove the catwalk if necessary for specific missions. Aluminum plank is corrosion resistant and will be able to withstand installation on the trailer that will be used in an outdoor environment with rain, snow and mud. The punched plank also enables weather elements and debris to drain through the planking to avoid build-up on the catwalk flooring.

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT aluminum punched plank has provided Arnold Machinery with a long lasting slip resistant flooring to fabricate the United State Air Force’s catwalk. The punched plank is extremely durable for heavy use in the field and provides safety against weather elements and debris to help ensure the safety of the United States Air Force’s personnel.

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