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Stainless Steel Stair Treads Welded over Slippery Diamond Plate

The Situation

FAGE (pronounce ‘fa-yeh’) began in 1926 as the first dairy shop in Athens, Greece, known for its “one-of-a-kind” yogurt. Present in many European countries, it wasn’t until 1998 did the company begin to test and export their product to the US. In 2008, after proving to be a huge success in our market, FAGE opened a production facility in Johnstown, New York, which is currently the largest of their three facilities. The Greek yogurt company prides themselves on the continuous development of high-quality products to promote balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyles for their consumers all over the world.

There was an existing diamond plate staircase at the raw milk receiving bay that would get wet due to the hosing down of the delivery trucks. The water being tracked in by the bottom of workers boots made the diamond plate very slippery and a safety hazard.

The Solution

A local engineering firm contacted SlipNOT® for a high traction solution to the slick diamond plate. After reviewing project details, SlipNOT® provided (4) 3/16” x 8-1/2” x 30” & (1) 3/16” x 24” x 30” 304 Grade 2 stainless steel plates that were retrofitted over the existing treads by welding.

NSF registered for use in food processing facilities, SlipNOT® stainless steel products provide a chemical/corrosion resistant surface that is hygienic, sanitary, and durable.

The Impact

Since installation, we have received a very positive follow up from the project manager at the engineering firm, as well as another purchase order for 34 pieces of stainless steel Grip Plate®. The retrofitted plates have provided a permanent, anti-slip solution that will benefit worker productivity for years to come.