Steel Treads Installed at Warehouse Door for Art Van Furniture

Non Slip Steel Stairs
  • The Situation:

    Art Van Furniture started business in 1959 as Art Vans by founder Art Van Elslander. He was the sole employee and had one store located in south eastern Michigan. Eventually the business expanded and he brought on three partners, changed the name to Art Van Furniture and opened seven more stores. Currently, there are 34 stores in Michigan. Art Van Furniture contacted an outside steel fabricator to provide slip resistant steel stair treads for an exterior stairway leading to a warehouse door.

  • The Solution:

    The steel fabricator, having worked with SLIPNOT in the past, contacted the sales department to provide a quote for steel plate stair treads. They provided a drawing showing ¼” stair treads were needed- one piece measuring 50 ½” x 48” and five pieces 12 ¼” x 48” with 1 ½” nosings and 1 ½” risers. By providing a drawing of the treads, Art Van Furniture can be assured that the treads could be installed with ease and needed no further fabrication in the field.

    Since the application was located outdoors, the stair treads were painted to help protect against snow, water, ice and other types of moisture found in the Michigan climate. Steel plates in wet environments must be galvanized or painted to help prevent rust and corrosion. The slip resistant surface also ensured that employees transitioning from the warehouse floor to the outdoors will not slip and fall from oils, water and other lubricants found both outside and inside the warehouse.

  • The Impact:

    Once the SLIPNOT process was completed, the treads were shipped to the steel fabricator for installation at the warehouse. The unsurpassed Grade 2 (medium) surface will last for years to come, even while exposed to the elements. Employees at Art Van Furniture can rest assured that they will remain safe while using this stairway.

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