Slip Resistant Aluminum Cover Plates Installed on Door Thresholds at Exxel Pacific, Inc.

  • The Situation:

    Exxel Pacific, Inc. was founded in 1989 and works with various long term clients in providing unique and comprehensive construction and development experience. The reputation of honesty, integrity and high ethical values creates a team approach to construction. Exxel Pacific provides valuable pre-construction services to many clients and believes the time spent early in development provides for a higher quality project. Exxel Pacific has continued to grow and over the years has become a leader in commercial construction throughout the west coast.

    The Project Manager at Exxel Pacific reached out to SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring, looking for a slip resistant aluminum cover plate to use as horizontal waterproofing.

  • The Solution:

    Many companies forget about weatherizing their entry doors and end up having to replace thresholds. Door thresholds take the hardest beating due to weather conditions and high foot traffic. If you let door thresholds go for an extended amount of time, it may do more damage to the underlying floor, which could cost more money and time to fix. It could also increase utility/energy bills.

    SLIPNOT provided (19) 1/4” thick 5052 Grade 2 aluminum cover plates with varying dimensions for the application. Non slip aluminum plates were chosen because of lightweight and corrosion resistant properties.

  • The Impact:

    The Project Engineer said “We used the SLIPNOT product at door threshold locations to cover our horizontal waterproofing.” The lightweight aluminum thresholds were easily installed quickly over the existing thresholds. The added slip resistant metal coating helped employees with their traction during rainy or snowy days.

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