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Slip Resistance Steel Plates Applied To Lift Platform at Autoquip

The Situation:

According to Autoquip, Sandia National Laboratories is a government contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). They manage the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile; provide research, development, and testing services; and manufacture specialized non-nuclear products and components for national defense and security applications. At their labs in New Mexico, they were looking for a solution to access underneath the nuclear centrifuge to conduct maintenance so they contacted Autoquip to build a centrifuge. The dynamics and sensitivity of their product provided an interesting material handling challenge for Autoquip. Autoquip needed slip resistance applied to the centrifuge, which is why Autoquip contacted SlipNOT® to create a safe walking surface.

The Solution:

Autoquip provided SlipNOT® with 13 steel plates. SlipNOT® applied their Grade 2 coating to various sized 18-1/4" x 10" x 12" steel plates that were used for the lift platform that was used by Sandia National Laboratories. SlipNOT®’s steel metal creates safety for the personnel that will be performing maintenance to the centrifuge. Steel metal with the SlipNOT® coating can be completely submerged in slick substances and still maintain its slip resistance, due to its superior coefficient of friction.

The Impact:

The non slip steel plates were installed to the circular lift platform to help Sandia National Laboratories workers maintain a safe work environment. The lift with SlipNOT®’s steel slip resistance keeps workers at ease while handling this sensitive maintenance work. The custom platform design work created a safe walking surface for employees.