MacLean Curtis replaces worn diamond plate with SLIPNOT

  • The Situation

    Founded in 1905, Curtis Screw became a leading manufacturer of precision machined components and assemblies. The company's automotive business became a part of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions in 2014. The company, now known as MacLean Curtis, currently supplies precision machined automotive components for powertrain, safety-critical and other automotive applications. In recent years, MacLean Curtis began phasing out diamond-steel cover plates that became worn after years of traffic in the Buffalo, NY facility. The company needed a slip resistant replacement as the environment is oily and can become dangerously slippery for employees and forklifts.

  • The Solution

    During the process of phasing out diamond-steel, a mechanic at MacLean Curtis became aware of SLIPNOT® and its slip resistant products. The company decided to run a trail on steel plates to decide if it wanted to use SLIPNOT® throughout the facility. Results of the trail were submitted to the Safety Committee, which was impressed with the outcome. The successful trial has lead to MacLean Curtis installing various SLIPNOT® products in different areas of the facility.

    Depending on needs and environment, MacLean Curtis has installed different Grades of SLIPNOT® with different finishing options. Grade 2 steel plates have been installed in several areas and the slip resistance provided by the coating is sufficient for most applications. However, other areas have required Grade 3 steel plates for maximum durability and longevity. The Grade 3 steel is used in extremely high traffic and/or highly contaminated environments. MacLean Curtis sees a lot of foot and forklift traffic as well as incredibly oily floors, making the Grade 3 steel the best option. The company has also gotten SLIPNOT® galvanized steel in addition to the more common mill or painted black finishing options. The galvanization provides corrosion resistance and an added layer of protection for the slip resistant steel.

  • The Impact

    SLIPNOT® has proved to be an ideal solution for MacLean Curtis. The company has taken advantage of the customization options to ensure each order meets the needs of individual projects. Grade 3 is ordered for situations that need maximum traction and durability while Grade 2 is ordered when conditions are not as harsh. The company has also ordered various finishing options, including mill finish, painted black and galvanization.

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