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Access Doors with Slip Resistant Stainless Coating on Utility Vault at Placer Waterworks, Inc.

The Situation

Placer Waterworks, Inc. has been serving the waterworks industry for 20 years. A family owned and operated company; they participate in California’s SBE format in with a minority classification. For the past 5 years they have been on their own 3 ½ acre facility. Most of their products are utilized by municipalities, so they feel the same responsibility to offering a quality for the tax payers their customers serve. Over the past 18 years, their product line has become a standard in many counties, cities, and municipalities across northern and southern California. Their fixtures are fabricated from steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and they meet their customers’ needs by providing corrosion resistant and anti-graffiti coatings requested. They sought out a permanent resolution to provide slip resistance for a safer access door surface for their customers who were requesting safety needs.

The Solution

By the nature of their environments, most utility applications have slippery conditions on walking surfaces that create unsuitable environments for pedestrians and personnel. Accidents have a major impact on utilities; they can be not only economically costly, but human pain, suffering, and lower morale can also serve as resulting consequences.

Adding slip resistance to stainless steel plates was an effective solution specified to retrofit into utility vaults. For this instance, SlipNOT® provided 2 pieces of 1/4” 316 stainless steel plate Grade 2 mill finish custom sized to retrofit into vault covers with 4 1½” holes per the customer’s request. The plates were fabricated to retrofit into the lid, with customer supplied drawings, so the plates would provide a slip resistant surface on the vault cover they had specified for this project.

The Impact

The end use of this application is in Salt Lake City where passengers depart and arrive, making slip resistance a necessity for such a high traffic area. Stainless steel was selected, as the environment is often exposed to ice and salt, which can enhance corrosion. Placer Waterworks, Inc is enthusiastic to provide a slip resistant solution to access doors for their customers in a partnership to meet the end users needs safely and effectively.

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