Galvanized Steel Grip Plate® Installed as Expansion Joint Cover for FDOT

  • The Situation:

    The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) contacted a worldwide designer, supplier, and manufacturer of engineered products for an application they needed completed. As a long time client of the supplier, FDOT asked the company to find a slip resistant product that would work for their needs. FDOT needed a non slip and corrosion resistant surface to use on expansion joint covers.

  • The Solution:

    FDOT's supplier contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring for a non-slip steel expansion plate. SLIPNOT provided 1/4” x 15” x 97 1/2” Grade 2 steel plates with 7/16” countersunk holes. Steel expansion plates can become extremely slippery under wet conditions, which is why a Grade 2 (Medium) SLIPNOT coating was applied. This provided maximum traction and durability. The steel expansion joints were also supplied with a hot dipped galvanized finish which was a preventative measure to eliminate corrosion and deterioration.

    A steel expansion joint is a metal top plate used to bridge between two concrete slabs. Throughout hot and cold weather, concrete may expand and contract, creating cracks and failure. The steel expansion plate is anchored to one slab of concrete allowing for the steel expansion plate to move with the concrete.

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT’s galvanized steel expansion plates were custom fabricated to meet the needs of the Florida Department of Transportation, providing a slip resistant walking surface.

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