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Non Slip Steel Plates Installed on Work Platform at Meridian Magnesium Products

The Situation:

Meridian Magnesium Products began in 1981 and is now the largest producer of magnesium die cast components and assemblies in the global automotive industry. Meridian has 1600 employees, 80 die cast machines, secondary machining, coating and assembly capabilities. Meridian ships 40,000 net metric tons of product annually.

Due to the amount of components being produced, employee safety is extremely important. One of Meridian’s work platforms had worn diamond plate that became slippery when oil or fluids were prevalent. Meridian reached out to SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring for suggestions.

The Solution:

SlipNOT® provided ½” x 4’ x 8’ Grade 2 steel on steel floor plates which were painted black to help with corrosion. The plates replaced their existing worn diamond plates and were successfully installed on Meridian’s work platform, providing a safe working surface for the operators.

Meridian has ordered from SlipNOT® in the past because their machine parts were dripping coolant, creating a consistently slick surface. Meridian ended up installing Grade 2 aluminum plates between the machining center and the product racks, which solved the situation immediately.

The Impact:

Meridian sets the bar high, which is why they chose SlipNOT®’s high performance abrasive flooring to be incorporated into their facility. The maintenance function leader at Meridian stated that all parties involved are happy with our product and they are currently in the quoting process for another work platform.