Turn Your Drain Covers into Safety Heroes

There’s so much to consider with drainage systems. Safety, sanitation, temperature, chemicals, cleaning protocols. SLIPNOT asks you not to forget the most visible part of your drainage system.

The Drain Cover. Your covers will tell you when there’s issues underground. And when made slip resistant, can eliminate a huge safety hazard in your plant. 

Safety and Reassurance from the Ground Up 

90%+ of slips and falls can be eliminated once SLIPNOT technology is applied to drain covers.

Avoid a $60K+ loss in worker productivity with a miniscule investment.

  • SLIPNOT performs well in regulated food and beverage environments by diverting greases, oils, and other materials back into the drain, ensuring a non-slip walkway for your team.
  • Tens of thousands of drain covers have been made slip resistant with SLIPNOT in the toughest automotive, food and beverage, chemical and other oily environments.
  • Scheduled maintenance that avoids downtime; dramatic safety improvements that hit your maintenance, not capital expense budgets  

Now is the time to avoid slip and fall risks and the spread of Listeria from grease, oil and contaminated water coming from drains.

Make An Appointment for Your Drain Cover

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  • Send SLIPNOT your existing drain covers based upon your production schedule.
  • We will apply our non-slip technology to your drain covers in our factory-controlled environment in Detroit, Michigan.
  • We can complete and turnaround your hero in as little as 24-hours (based upon your scheduled appointment)

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Safety and efficiency for our customers

SLIPNOT has provided solutions to otherwise unmanageable situations

J.M. Smucker – Processing Area Lead

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