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Aluminum Floor Plates on Decking at Progressive Field

The Situation:

Opening in 1994, Progressive Field is home to the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team. The facility has hosted the All Star Game as well as the World Series and has had a record attendance of 45,274 fans.

Recently, the Right Field District has been renovated with new open standing area to watch the game and different eateries such as Melt, Barrio, Sweet Moses, and The Corner Bar. The standing area has rows of bar style rails which give fans a place to set their snacks and beverages. Changing this sitting area into standing room not only opened up more space for fans but created a unique experience for visitors to the field.

The Solution:

In order to give patrons a safe place to stand while enjoying their food and beverages, the designers wanted to incorporate a slip resistant flooring that would hold up well under foot traffic and external weather conditions. SlipNOT® Aluminum Grip Plate® offered the solution they were looking for. Different sizes of ¼” 6061 aluminum plates were fabricated according to drawings and coated with a Grade 2 SlipNOT® slip resistant surface. Each plate had 12 countersunk holes in it so they could be bolted down.

SlipNOT® plates can either be custom fabricated prior to shipment or can be cut in the field. SlipNOT® suggests that all fabrication is done prior to the coating being applied. The flooring can be swept with a hard bristle brush or power washed after a game.

The Impact:

Visitors to the field benefit from not only the aesthetic qualities of this new space but also from the safety of the quality flooring installed. Inclement weather and spilled beverages are no match for the abrasive surface that the aluminum plates provide. By choosing SlipNOT®, the engineers working for Progressive Field created a fun and different area to watch the Cleveland Indians as well as kept patrons best interests in mind.

A local news channel posted an article covering the baseball field’s renovations.