Meridian Magnesium Die Casting Installs Aluminum Plate Flooring for Machining Center

Non Slip Aluminum Flooring
  • The Situation:

    Meridian Magnesium Die Casting first started production at their Eaton Rapids, MI location in 1994. They strive to produce magensium die casting components and assemblies that will meet the needs of the global automotive market. The process of die casting involves forcing a molten metal into a particular cast. Magensium is the easiest metal to form into a cast with an excellent strength to weight ratio. When Meridian Magnesium began having issues with coolant dripping from machine parts onto the floor creating a consistently slick surface, the Safety Education Training Coordinator began to search for a solution.

  • The Solution:

    Reaching out to SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring, the Safety Education Training Coordinator obtained a quote for cut to size aluminum plate that would span the 12’ of flooring they needed to cover between the Machining Center and product racks. These plates would be installed over the existing concrete in the area, creating a safer walking surface for the operators of these machines. Meridian Magnesium chose to order 1/8” x 60” x 84” plates with a Grade 2 aluminum coating. The plates were cut to the required sizes and shipped to the customer wrapped in plastic to protect the aluminum plates and surface during transit.

    Once the material arrived to the customer, they were able to cut out the angles and notches that were needed for installation. SLIPNOT can fabricate the material with angles, holes and cut outs but Magnesium Products of America chose to fabricate in house to cut down on lead time. Once they were finished, the plates were fastened to the concrete flooring already in place in the Machining Center.

  • The Impact:

    Since installing the SLIPNOT plates, Meridian Magnesium operators have not had any more issues with poor co efficiency of friction with the Machining Center flooring. The peak to valley surface depth of the medium grade offers maximum traction and slip protection for workers in the Machining Center. Meridian Magnesium is considering additional areas where installing SLIPNOT products will help to decrease slip and fall accidents and injuries.

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