Slip Resistant Aluminum Grating Installed In Entrances at Nu-Way Industries

  • The Situation:

    Nu-Way Industries, located in Des Plaines, IL manufactures and assembles precision metal products for a variety of applications. In the wintry months, snow and water is tracked into the entrances of their facility; increasing the potential for slip and fall accidents. Instead of placing rugs on the floor in front of the doorways, Nu-Way Industries chose to install grating with a non-slip surface applied.

  • The Solution:

    SLIPNOT provided Nu-Way Industries with 7-4 aluminum grating from a grating manufacturer in sizes of 1” x 3/16” x 37 3/8” x 42” with the non-slip aluminum surface applied. Nu-Way chose to cutout the tiles located in front of the entrances to allow the grate to sit flush with the surface. By seamlessly blending with the existing floor, the grating would allow for water to pass through and collect below without forming puddles on the surface. Nu-Way Industries ordered the grating in specific sizes to allow for easy installation in the field without any further fabrication.

    Aluminum grating is naturally corrosion resistant and can withstand the heavy amounts of snow and ice that are tracked in during the Illinois winter months. 7-4 is a style of grating that is known as ADA complaint. High heels or wheelchair wheels will not be caught between the spaces of the bars, reducing potential injuries that may happen with wider spaced gratings.

  • The Impact:

    Nu-Way Industries installed the aluminum floor grating in their facility and so far they are working out great. The aluminum non-skid grating will last years longer than rugs or other slip resistant products. The durable SLIPNOT surface will not flake off or chip off even in the most demanding environments. Nu-Way Industries and their employees can count on SLIPNOT aluminum grating to keep workers on their feet in slick winter conditions.

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