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Non-Slip Aluminum Plate Provides Safety for Patients at a Neuroscience Collaborative Center

The Situation:

Frazier Rehab Institute in Louisville, Kentucky, has over 60 years of rehab experience in programs that include traditional rehab with innovative therapeutic techniques. Frazier provides extensive therapy in over twenty community-based outpatient rehab sites, making it one of the top institutions in the region.

The Neuroscience Collaborative Center, one of Frazier’s unique programs, focuses on research in the area of neurological disorders. A Research Engineer at this center contacted SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring in regards to an 80/20 physical therapy table.

The Solution:

The engineer said, “the 80/20 table was designed for transporting patients in electrical wheelchairs onto a physical therapy treadmill so they can receive step training. Patients move forward onto my table by going up the ramp. At this point they are still in their chairs. Then the patients use the aluminum plate to make a 360 degree turn to face the front of the treadmill. From there, the patients are placed in a harness and training begins. When the patients are finished, they are placed in their wheelchairs and they reverse down the ramp.”

SlipNOT® reviewed project details with the engineer and decided the best fit for this application would be aluminum plate due to its lightweight, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic properties. SlipNOT® provided (1) 6061 Grade 2 non-slip aluminum plate that was ¼” thick x 30” wide x 54” long. The facility had their fabricator drill countersunk holes for the plate to be easily bolted down.

The Impact:

SlipNOT®’s non-slip aluminum plate allows patients to safely make a 360 degree turn to face the front of the treadmill before they are placed in a harness. The engineer said, “the plate is exactly what I needed to complete my design.” To read more about Frazier and their many programs, please click here