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Slip Resistant Aluminum Plates Installed on Robot Platforms at IntelliKinetics

The Situation:

IntelliKinetics is a full service; turn key machine builder and automation company. Their quarter of a million square foot production facility in Knoxville, Tennessee is one of the largest automated machine building plants in the world. They provide systems such as servos, robots, lasers and presses including high speed and large scale automation systems. IntelliKinetics has numerous capabilities such as product design, product development, machine and process design, machine building, press building and contract manufacturing.

A forging and press plant contacted IntelliKinetics in regards to their forty robots that needed a lightweight, durable, and slip resistant material installed on the base so that employees maintain their traction while working.

The Solution:

The Purchasing Agent at IntelliKinetics contacted SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring in regards to the robot platforms. SlipNOT® provided (40) custom cut ¼” x 11” x 71” Grade 2 5052 aluminum plates that were painted black. The robots form hammers and axes on a daily basis and once they are shut down, the employees need to make sure the robots are up to code, which usually involves a lubricant and could cause a slip and fall accident.

The Impact:

IntelliKinetics and their customer were pleased with the non slip aluminum plates, they immediately ordered 10 more shortly after. The Purchasing Agent said the plates were easily installed and proved to be a high traction and corrosion resistant surface for employees.