Slip Resistant Aluminum Stair Nosing’s Installed at UNICOR Facility

Unicor Aluminum Stair Nosing
  • The Situation:

    Federal Prison Industries, commonly referred to as FPI or by its trade name UNICOR, is a government corporation established on June 23, 1934. FPI’s mission is to employ and provide job skill training to inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, preparing them for a job once released. Through FPI, inmates are being constructively occupied, producing market-priced quality goods and services for sale to the Federal Government, operating in a self-sustaining manner and minimizing FPI’s impact on private business and labor. Research has shown that inmates who participate in the FPI program are less likely to revert to criminal behavior and are more likely to be gainfully employed once released.

    The maintenance foreman at UNICOR reached out to SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring in regards to the interior stairway leading into their facility. The foreman wanted a slip resistant and durable product to retrofit over the current treads.

  • The Solution:

    SLIPNOT provided 3/16” thick 3” x 84” Grade 2 3003 H14 aluminum stair nosing’s with a 3” nosing depth, 90 degree bend and (8) countersunk holes per nosing. Aluminum was chosen because it is lightweight and corrosion resistant. Stair nosing’s are designed to bear the brunt of foot traffic, extending the life of the stair tread for years to come.

  • The Impact:

    The lightweight aluminum stair nosing was easily installed over the existing stairs with little downtime. UNICOR’s employees no longer have to worry about weather elements such as rain, snow, salt or mud being dragged in, because the newly installed aluminum stair nosing’s provided a high traction surface. The facility’s entrance will now reduce the chance of a slip and fall accident.

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