Automotive manufacturer installs non-slip steel press plates

  • The Situation:

    A press is a machine that changes the shape of a product by applying pressure upon it. Presses can be as small as a printing press, or as large as a press in an automotive facility. A simple product like a piece of aluminum or steel sheet metal goes into the press where large amounts of pressure come down to form the metal into something new. Automotive plants use press machines to manufacture car body panels among other parts. Press machine safety is very important. Not only must all foreign objects be clear of the press, workers must be aware of their foot traction as lubrication and other fluids are needed in order to keep the presses working smoothly.

  • The Solution:

    One car manufacturer has been using SLIPNOT® slip resistant metal products for decades. From stair treads and nosings to conveyor plates and floor plates, SLIPNOT® continues to provide safety to employees. The company needed a new press built and installed in one of their manufacturing facilities. In order to ensure the safety of their press operators, the contractor contacted SLIPNOT® with a specific product already in mind: Grade 2 (medium grip), steel plate, painted black. These plates needed to be easily seen within the manufacturing facility and needed to provide sure footing to the employees in the press operations. They decided to order 32 pieces of ½” steel plate, specifically fabricated to various lengths and widths, in order to meet their needs. SLIPNOT® had the metal plate pieces cut to size, coated them with the all metal non slip surface, and then painted the surface black in order to ensure visibility. These plates were then welded to a steel structure for stability and installed with the press machine.

  • The Impact:

    Employees are being protected against slip and fall accidents while working in this facility. The safety plates help increase employee’s confidence in their environments as well. Knowing your company cares for your safety can go a long way when it comes to attitude and productivity.

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