Carla’s Pasta Installs Slip Resistant Floor Scale Covers

Carla's Pasta Floor Scale
  • The Situation

    As a young bride in the small village of Maddona del’Olmetto, Italy, Carla Squatrito fell in love with the art of making pasta. She was only 27 when she moved to America and brought the tastes of home with her. In 1978 she opened her own store, Carla’s Pasta, with the help of her two sons and continued to bring the authentic Italian products to the public. Carla’s has a minimalistic approach to making pasta using only the freshest, natural, and highest quality products in their recipe. Their products include pastas such as Gnocchi, Manicotti, Pasta sheets, Stuffed Shells, Ravioli, and Sacchettini. They prepare delicious sauces like pesto, alfredo, and vodka sauce, along with appetizers like breaded ravioli’s, stromboli bites, and frito misto.

    When it comes to safety, Carla’s 100,000 square foot facility and green field are technologically advanced and under strict quality control. While food safety is rigorously regulated; employee safety meticulously scrutinized as well. Recently, employees were having a difficult time pushing product onto their large industrial floor scales due to the lack of traction. The maintenance department sought out anti-slip product options.

  • The Solution

    SLIPNOT has provided slip resistant flooring for a plethora of food processing facilities. The NSF approved stainless steel surface is 100% grit free and can survive rigorous environments. Carla’s Pasta knew that they needed to make the scales as safe and efficient as possible. After discussing their options they supplied SLIPNOT with two 3/8”x 48”x48” stainless steel plates. SLIPNOT then applied the patented Grade 2 stainless steel surface to the plates, and sent them back to be retrofitted over the floor scale. SLIPNOT products are easily welded or bolted into place making safety easy to install.

    Other companies such as Rice Lake Weighing Systems and Virginia Poultry Growers have utilized floor scale covers in their facilities.

  • The Impact

    Since the installation, employees have commented on how easy it is to weigh the products as they no longer slip on the scale. Giving employees the confidence they need to safety do their job can improve morale and productivity. This simple yet effective retrofit solution proved to be a success and will last years to come.

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