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Commercial Tool & Die Installs Steel Plates as a Pit Cover Around Equipment

The Situation

Commercial Tool Group is made up of three divisions: Commercial Tool & Die, Inc., Commercial Plastics, Inc. and Commercial Automation & Fixture, Inc. Commercial Tool & Die (CTD) is the oldest oldest of the divisions, established in 1953. The division has a variety of specialities, including designing and building plastic and injection molds, die-cast, and prototype molds. It also serves a variety of industries, from automotive to hardware, to home appliance. In business for 64 years and counting, CTD remains family owned and operated, producing the highest quality products it can. To ensure a superior product, CTD has an extensive equipment list that continues to grow as new technology and equipment becomes available.

The Solution

Among the new equipment CTD has installed are two Ingersoll EMD 1400s. Because of their size, the EDM machines need to be installed in a pit within the floor. In order to allow workers to still be able to access the equipment, CTD needed a pit cover/work platform to go around each piece of equipment. To ensure worker safety, the company also knew whatever it selected to cover the pit would have to be slip resistant.

CTD, having decided to use steel plates as the platform, contacted SlipNOT® to provide slip resistance. CTD shipped (12) steel plates of various sizes to Detroit, MI where SlipNOT® coated them with Grade 2 steel. The plates were then hot dip galvanized before being returned to CTD. The Grade 2 coating provides the necessary slip resistance to keep workers safe while the galvanization protects the plates from corrosion and rust.

The Impact

Galvanized SlipNOT® Grade 2 steel is the ideal solution for a pit cover/work platform around equipment at Commercial Tool & Die. The final product is long-lasting, slip resistant, and corrosion and rust resistant. All of these factors combined make the plates low maintenance, allowing CTD to focus on producing high quality products knowing that workers are safe.