Slip resistant pit cover around Commercial Tool & Die equipment

  • The Situation

    Commercial Tool Group and its Commercial Tool & Die division (CTD) designs and builds plastic, injection and prototype molds and die-cast for the automotive, hardware and home appliance industries.

    CTD uses an extensive amount of technology and equipment to deliver a superior product -- including Electrical Discharging Machines (EDMs) which need to be installed in a pit within the floor.

  • The Solution

    For works to access the EDMs, CTD needed a pit cover and work platform that would surround each piece of equipment. And that whatever it selected, it needed to beslip resistant.

    The platform was made of 12 steel plates of various sizes that CTD shipped to Detroit to have SLIPNOT technology applied. It's done in a highly controlled factory environment to ensure top performance.

  • The Impact

    Galvanized SLIPNOT The Grade 2 steel technology that was applied was the idea solution because it's long-lasting, slip resistant, and corrosion and rust resistant. It's also low maintenance which allows the CTD team to focus on producing its products.

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