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Slip Resistant Steel Plate Installed at Marion Glass Equipment & Technology as a Radiant Shield & Step

The Situation

Marion Glass Equipment & Technology Company provides high quality machines, parts, plungers and services to glass container manufacturers throughout the United States. Marion Glass was in search of a solution that would provide as a radiation shield and slip resistant step for flip-up guards on a conveyor. The solution had to serve as radiation shield when standing on the floor and when the shield was down would turn into a step workers wouldn’t slip on. Marion Glass contacted SlipNOT® in search of a non slip solution.

The Solution

Marion Glass shipped a steel plate to SlipNOT® to have Grade 2 steel coating applied to the material. A coat of black paint was applied to the slip resistant side of the plate providing aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance. A steel coating was chosen due to its durability and longevity as well as being able to withstand installation in areas with extreme temperatures.

The Impact

SlipNOT® provided slip resistant solution for multi-purpose flip-up guards at Marion Glass giving the employees a safe, durable and long lasting working environment. SlipNOT® has proven to be the ideal fit.