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FUCHS Lubricants Retrofits Expanded Metal Throughout Kansas City Facility

The Situation

In 1931, Rudolf Fuchs established the RUDOLF FUCHS company in Mannheim, Germany. At its beginnings, the company focused on distributing high-quality Pennsylvanian refinery products. Throughout the company's over 85-year history, it has come to be known as the FUCHS Group as it now includes 57 operating companies, 34 production plants, and almost 5,000 employees worldwide. The FUCHS Group currently supplies more than 10,000 different products within the automotive, lubricants, industrial lubricants, lubricating greases, metal processing lubricants, special application lubricants, and services industries. With customers in such a wide variety of industries, FUCHS uses its holistic, innovative, and custom-made solutions to meet its customers diverse needs. FUCHS also strives to always live up to the promise of "technology that pays back."

A FUCHS Lubricants--one of the companies that makes up FUCHS Group--production facility in Kansas City, KS was looking to retrofit steel flattened expanded metal over its current flooring options. FUCHS contacted SlipNOT® to help make the retrofitted material slip resistant to further increase worker safety.

The Solution

FUCHS supplied SlipNOT® with (82) various-sided flattened expanded metal steel sheets that would later be installed in various locations throughout the Kansas City facility. The expanded metal was then coated in SlipNOT® Grade 3 steel and painted black. FUCHS then retrofitted the metal throughout the facility including on platforms, walkways, and stairs. The expanded metal is an easy solution for retrofitting in various areas as it still allows air, light, and liquids to flow through while providing maximum slip resistance in the varying conditions.

The Impact

Prior to retrofitting, FUCHS had areas of its facility that were not meeting safety standards. After installation of the SlipNOT® Grade 3 on expanded metal, those areas are no longer a safety risk to employees. The expanded metal was installed quickly and with minimal effort, while the Grade 3 coating provides durable, long-lasting slip resistance that will protect FUCHS employees into the future.