Aluminum Expansion Joint Covers Installed on Walkway at Dallas Arboretum

  • The Situation:

    The Dallas Arboretum is a beautiful outdoor attraction in Dallas, with 66 acres of seasonal flowers, shrubbery, trees, many different plants and White Rock Lake. The 66 acres on the lake provides a complete life science laboratory for children to learn and holds many different outdoor festivals, concerts, art shows and indoor and outdoor restaurants overlooking downtown Dallas. The Dallas Arboretum was listed among the top three arboretums in the nation in Southwest Spirit Magazine.

    The pedestrian walkways throughout the botanical gardens needed an expansion joint cover to bridge the gap between the walkways. The expansion joint cover moves with the walkways if they expand or contract due to varying climates.

  • The Solution:

    The Dallas Arboretum contacted a metal manufacturer who recommended SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring. SLIPNOT provided 1/8” x 14” x 120” Grade 2 aluminum on aluminum expansion joint covers which were installed on the walkways throughout the gardens and beside the lake. SLIPNOT suggested aluminum because of its lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant properties. Since this was an exterior application, the slip resistant coating provided a high traction surface under any weather condition.

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT has provided numerous expansion joint covers for many infrastructure applications such as bridges, docks, pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes. SLIPNOT’s non slip aluminum expansion joint covers were custom fabricated to meet the needs of the Dallas Arboretum, providing a slip resistant walking surface for pedestrians.

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