Expansion Joint Covers for Texas DOT

  • The Situation:

    A bridge just North of Virginia Parkway, located on Ridge Road, was in need of repair. The Southbound Outside Rail Bridge at Normandy Creek was in need of a solution to slippery walking surfaces on expansion joints. The bridge is undergoing a deck demolition and rehabilitation to meet safety standards.

  • The Solution:

    The Street Superintendent of the Texas DOT contacted SLIPNOT in regards to the bridge for more information. After sending over detailed drawings of the project and speaking with a SLIPNOT sales representative the Superintendent was confident in utilizing SLIPNOT for the project. SLIPNOT has been utilized for various projects in Texas, specifically expansion joint cover applications. After cohering in regards to the renovation, the steel Grade 2 galvanized covers were manufactured to specifications with countersunk holes, beveled edges, 1” x 1” chamfers and a ¼” center crown.

  • The Impact:

    Texas DOT specifies SLIPNOT expansion joint covers due to the permanent solution they produce. The fabricator hired for this project stated, “the SLIPNOT items you provided are an essential part of a required solution in order to pass final inspection.” With safety in mind the Texas DOT is able to install the non slip expansion joint covers without worry of replacement or maintenance. Pedestrian and motorized traffic using the bridge will now have traction on expansion joints.

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