Galvanized Steel Plates Provide Safety for Commuters using SEPTA Transportation Services

Anti Skid Galvanized Steel Nosing
  • The Situation:

    SEPTA is the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority based out of Philadelphia, PA. They serve 3.8 million people via bus, subway, elevated rail, commuter rail, light rail, and electric trolley bus. Safety is an important factor when it comes to providing transportation services for hundreds of people a day. SEPTA contacted SLIPNOT to provide galvanized steel nosings for the entrance and exit stairways leading from subway stations. They also needed galvanized plates and covers to use on their train platforms.

  • The Solution:

    SEPTA worked closely with SLIPNOT to determine what would fit their needs. SLIPNOT steel was chosen because it provided the safety they were searching for and the durability and longevity they needed. In addition, the nosings were galvanized to protect the steel from rust and corrosion. This configuration allowed pedestrians to walk on the stairs and platforms without having to worry about slipping in wet or snowy conditions. SEPTA also chose galvanized steel for the plates and covers on their train platforms. These plates were custom fabricated to their specific dimensions to allow easy access and installation. The plates were bent with a 3” – 4” nosing and had a chain welded to the underside and were also hinged on the back end. This allowed for the material to be pulled up when maintenance of the tracks was being done or over-sized material was passing through.

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT galvanized steel nosings and plates allowed SEPTA to provide their patrons with the slip resistance and safety they needed while commuting. The SLIPNOT galvanized steel surface allows patrons and workers to walk on its surface while completely submerged in water and will still maintain its slip resistance. When it comes to safety, SEPTA can count on SLIPNOT to provide the safe commuting conditions their patrons expect.

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