SLIPNOT’s Galvanized Expanded Metal Stair Treads Retrofitted Over Slippery Grating

galvanized steel expanded metal stair treads
  • The Situation

    New Habitat Partners LLC is a real estate development company established in 2010. Based in Acton, MA, the company focuses on planning, developing, and managing locations that support people, the environment, and the spirit. The company's biggest project is the development of West Acton Villageworks. The Villageworks is "the innovative gateway to Acton's walkable village center." It is a growing community of independent businesses organized around public lawns, courtyards, meeting spaces, and a solar-powered event venue. Showing its commitment to the development of the village center, the New Habitat Partners LLC office is located within the West Acton Villageworks community.

    New Habitat Partners strives to re-use and recycle existing structures and materials whenever possible. Because of this, the company turned to SLIPNOT to help repair an old outdoor staircase.

  • The Solution

    Rather than completely replacing a worn outdoor staircase, New Habitat Partners LLC turned to SLIPNOT to retrofit a slip resistant surface over the existing structure. After reviewing specifications, SLIPNOT provided (12) 3/4" thick 10 3/4" by 31 3/4" steel expanded metal stair treads with Grade 3 steel that were then hot dip galvanized. Expanded metal is an ideal product for retrofitting as it is easy to install and can be done in a short amount of time. The Grade 3 steel provides a slip resistant surface to keep the stairs safe, even when wet, while the galvanization also provides a protective coating against the rust that led to the need to repair and retrofit the stairs.

    All SLIPNOT products contain a minimum of 40% and a maximum of 83% recycled content. It is a also a long-lasting product, which reduces the environmental impact of repetitive maintenance and replacement. New Habitat Partners LLC, with its commitment to the environment and green products, took these factors into consideration when deciding on SLIPNOT.

  • The Impact

    SLIPNOT Grade 3 steel on expanded metal stair treads were a perfect solution for retrofitting on New Habitat Partners LLC's outdoor staircase. The Grade 3 coating provides slip resistance and increased safety while the galvanization done to the stair treads provides protection against rust, increasing of the life of the product in the sometimes harsh Massachusetts weather. SLIPNOT's commitment to using 40% - 83% recycled content in all of its products also helped New Habitat Partners with its own commitment to recycle and re-use whenever possible. It was able to continue use the original staircase while extending its life into the future with a smaller impact to the environment.


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