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Non Slip Floor Plate Replaces Diamond Plate at SKF USA, Inc.

The Situation:

SKF USA Inc. is a supplier of product, solutions and services for rolling bearings and seals in five industry segments; Industrial, Automotive, Electrical, Service, and Aero and Steel. SKF puts a strong emphasis on quality, not only for customers, but its employees as well. The Maintenance Manager of SKF began researching an alternative to their slippery diamond plate in the facility. He came across a blog by SlipNOT® that included the differences between coating a smooth plate verses diamond plate and was interested in the SlipNOT® floor plate to replace the existing diamond plate. The Maintenance Manager then requested a quote and sample for evaluation.

The Solution:

After discussing the options with a SlipNOT® sales representative it was decided the pinnacle choice for SKF was to order A36 steel plate. The Maintenance Manager ordered one piece of 3/8” x 27 ½” x 30” and two pieces of 3/8” x 30” x 30” to fit the areas and replace the diamond plate. The maintenance manager decided he would replace three diamond plates as a test, and if it worked, he would replace more. The floor plates were provided in Grade 2 (refers to surface depth) and in a mill finish.

The Impact:

The Maintenance Manager was pleased with the floor plate and the results of the test. He was happy to send us before and after pictures to show the improvement. He also mentioned that they will be replacing all of plates that are unsafe for employees with SlipNOT® floor plate.