Slip Resistant Safety Yellow Stair Treads at ElDorado National

Stair Tread Covering for Commercial Buses
  • The Situation:

    ElDorado National is the largest volume producer of commercial buses in North America. ElDorado is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of recreation vehicles and a leader in the commercial bus industry. Thor’s reputation is built on outstanding performance and has annual sales of over $2 billion. Thor industry operates fourteen subsidiaries, as well as ElDorado National.

    ElDorado National has two North American facilities located in Riverside, California and Salina, Kansas. The facility in Riverside, CA specializes in manufacturing commercial buses while the facility in Salina, KS focuses on mobility vans and cutaway buses.

    ElDorado National manufactures five commercial bus lines including the Axess, Escort RE-A, E-Z Rider II, Passport-HD, Transmark RE and XHF. ElDorado is an innovative leader in the transportation industry that also offers clients a line of alternative fuel commercial buses that are environmentally friendly. The ElDorado National manufacturing facility in California is ISO certified by the International Standards Organization and ADA compliant, providing clients with the highest level of quality product available.

    ElDorado National supplies commercial buses to the City of Riverside in California. The City of Riverside is located in southern California and is home to nearly 400,000 residents. Eldorado National was seeking a solution to slippery steps on their commercial buses and wanted a product that would provide the highest level of slip resistance for passengers while being able to withstand installation in a high volume foot traffic area with minimal maintenance. ElDorado was also seeking a solution that would be light weight so it would not add any additional weight to their buses. Another necessary requirement was a product that could be painted. It was extremely important for ElDorado’s final product to be painted safety yellow so there was a high level of visibility for passengers entering and exiting buses to ensure passengers would be able to safely utilize the buses.

  • The Solution:

    ElDorado National contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring for a solution to slippery steps on the entrance and exits of their commercial buses. SLIPNOT recommended and provided ElDorado with aluminum stair treads painted safety yellow and gray. Aluminum was the optimal choice for ElDorado’s slippery stairs because it provided the safety needed for the passengers. Aluminum is also a light weight metal that will not add a large amount of additional weight to the commercial buses. The aluminum stair treads are also corrosion resistant and will be a long lasting solution with minimal maintenance which was ideal for the high foot traffic entrance and exits of the commercial buses. To further provide safety for passengers, SLIPNOT painted the ends of the stair treads safety yellow for high visibility when entering and exiting the buses. By painting the stair treads safety yellow, passengers will be aware of the steps when they are entering and will help ElDorado National continue to provide clients and passengers with high quality and safe buses.

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT exceeded the expectations of ElDorado National and the City of Riverside, CA by providing a slip resistant solution to slippery stairs on their commercial buses that is light weight, minimal maintenance and corrosion resistant against high volume foot traffic. The painted safety yellow stair treads not only provide slip resistance to passengers but also ensure passengers notice and are aware of the stairs on the buses. SLIPNOT provided ElDorado National with a long lasting slip resistant solution for their slippery stairs that helps continue to provide their customers and passengers with the highest level of quality and safe product available.

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