Aluminum Grating utilized on Environmentally Friendly Green Roof for ASLA

Non Slip Aluminum Grating
  • The Situation

    A general contractor was chosen by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) to provide grating for ASLA’s green roof at their headquarters in Washington D.C. The green roof is a part of the ASLA’s commitment to promote environmentally friendly designs to make green roofs a more widely accepted option for architects and contractors. The 3,000 square foot green roof will grow a variety of plants and also have a viewing area for the public. ASLA was looking for a walking surface that would allow plants to grow up and through the floor surface to maximize the roof space, allow people to walk on the space without damaging the plants, and for a product that would remain slip resistant against transpiration from the growing plants. The contractor contacted a grating manufacturer for a flooring solution.

  • The Solution

    SLIPNOT slip resistant aluminum grating was chosen as the optimal grating for the project. Slip resistant aluminum was the ideal substrate because it is a lightweight material that reduced the overall weight of the grating on the roof while still being extremely durable. The aluminum coating also remains slip resistant against transpiration from plants and other outdoor elements providing a safe walking area for pedestrians. SLIPNOT slip resistant aluminum grating is corrosion resistant and will be able to withstand installation in an outside environment with minimal maintenance. The grating manufacturer worked extensively with the contractor to provide the appropriate dimensions for the project.

  • The Impact

    SLIPNOT aluminum grating has provided ASLA with an aesthetically pleasing slip resistant walking surface. The aluminum grating has proven to be the ideal solution to help the ASLA’s showcase their green roof.

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