Slip Resistant Ladder Rungs for Humes Ipswich

  • The Situation:

    Humes Ipswich is newly opened, state of the art concrete pipe and precast product manufacturing facility in Australia. It uses cutting edge technology and engineering to create advanced concrete products. The Humes company manufactures products for many applications including sewage transfer and storage, storm water management, bridges and platforms, cable and power management and rail. Humes along with Hawkeye Pedershaab, a company who manufactures stand alone precast machines to fully automated plants, wanted to insure the safety of workers climbing the concrete pipe transport unit at the new Ipswich facility. The team made a smart proactive safety decision by contacting SLIPNOT to provide metal non slip ladder rungs.

  • The Solution:

    SLIPNOT metal ladder rungs are a versatile solution for any new construction ladder. These slip resistant ladder rungs can be purchased in long bars that will need to be cut in the field, or can be purchased cut to specific sizes for instant installation. They are easily welded into ladders and then can be painted or galvanized depending on specifications. Hawkeye Pedershaab decided that the best solution for this project was to purchase four (4) 7/8” diameter x 10’ long steel SLIPNOT ladder rungs. They then cut and installed them on the access ladder for the service platform on the concrete pipe transport unit and painted the entire ladder blue. The ladder rungs were supplied with SLIPNOT’s patented grade 2 high traction surface applied.

  • The Impact:

    Humes Ipswich employees are benefiting from the safe climbing surface of the non slip access ladder every time they access the highly elevated service platform. The blue customization gives the ladder an aesthetically pleasing look as well as making it highly visible. Ladder rungs are also available in stainless steel and aluminum making them a benefit in any industry.

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