SLIPNOT Stainless Steel Grip Plate®’s Retrofitted Over Slippery Diamond Plate

Slip Resistant Stainless Steel
  • The Situation

    Vantage Specialty Chemicals (VSC), formerly known as Lambent Technologies, is a manufacturer of high-quality, naturally-derived specialty chemicals and intermediates for a broad range of industrial and consumer applications. Specifically, they manufacture oleochemical derivatives, such as esters, alkoxylates, antifoams and specialty blends. VSC has multiple locations all over the world; serving the oil and gas, food ingredient, lubricant and metal working, precision cleaning, and industrial specialty industries.

    The VSC facility in Gurnee, Illinois had diamond plate applications on a stair landing and walkway that were in need a slip resistant solution.

  • The Solution

    SLIPNOT provided (2) 1/8” stainless steel cut to size plates for a solution to VSC's problem, which were easily retrofitted by welding directly onto the existing diamond plate.

    "Diamond or checkered plate surfaces offer inadequate slip resistance, particularly when worn or the point of being dangerously unsafe." - Article featured in Professional Safety: Official Publications of The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE).

    SLIPNOT’s retrofitting option has made transforming diamond plate applications into slip resistant surfaces easy. Management can still attend to the safety of their employees even if replacing an entire structure may not fit the current budget.

  • The Impact

    We have received very positive feedback from VSC and their production team utilizing the new floors. The stainless steel plates have corrosion resistant properties and will provide high traction assistance to the employees working on the line for many years to come.

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