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Diamond Plate versus Metal Coated Products

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diamond plate non slip metal flooring

Diamond Plate versus Metal Coated Products

April 19, 2016

SlipNOT® non-slip metal flooring products are an advanced safety alternative to traditional diamond plate.  Diamond plate may be classified as slip resistant; however, when it is wet or covered by a slippery substance, it does not provide the traction needed to keep people on their feet.  Over time, the raised diamond pattern wears unevenly and will have to be replaced.  Below are the pros and cons of both diamond plate and SlipNOT® metal coated products.


  • PROS
    • Cost-effective
    • Easily fabricated
    • Commonly available
    • Aesthetics
  • CONS
    • Depending on pattern, may be slippery when when
    • Minimal shoe to surface contact
    • Minimal slip resistance
    • COF varies depending on diamond pattern


  • PROS
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • Available in various degrees of abrasiveness
    • Customized to job specifications
    • Non-combustible
  • CONS
    • Initial investment
    • Surface cannot be applied in the field
    • Requires more regular/involved cleaning

If you are in a high traffic area where diamond plate would be a concern, you could retrofit or replace it with a SlipNOT® product such as plate, flattened expanded metal, or perforated plate.  SlipNOT® will coat customer supplied diamond plate but does not supply or recommend it.  For a superior product replacement with a coefficient of friction of above 0.85, please request a quote or free sample today.