Non-Slip Stainless Platform, Grating Treads, and Drain Covers at Kent Quality Foods

  • The Situation:

    Kent Quality Foods, Inc., manufacturer of franks and sausages, had a existing platform with grating stair treads that were not providing a safe working surface for employees as they accessed machinery and equipment on a daily basis. The oils, fats and greases from the franks and sausages constantly create a slick and dangerous walking surface for employees as they try to perform their daily duties and job responsibilities. Kent Quality Foods, Inc. also needed to retrofit their existing drain covers with a durable slip resistant solution.

  • The Solution:

    Kent Quality Foods, Inc. contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring in regards to their retrofitting needs within their facility. The existing slippery grating platforms, drain covers and grating treads were in good condition and did not need to be replaced. The material was sent to SLIPNOT to have the stainless steel slip resistant coating applied to the walking surfaces of each piece of flooring. The SLIPNOT stainless steel coating has been approved by NSF International for use in food processing facilities because of its ability to maintain a bacteria and contaminant free surface while maintaining slip resistance in all directions.

    SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring strives to provide the best lead time possible. The customer supplied stainless steel grating platform, grating treads and drain covers were coated with the non-slip Grade 2 stainless steel surface and shipped back to Kent Quality Foods, Inc. the next day.

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT knows that down time is critical in any company, which is why retrofitting existing surfaces with the non slip product is an effective way to provide instant safety. The SLIPNOT slip resistant stainless steel surface not only provides durability and safety, but also allows for employees to be more efficient in their daily responsibilities and production.

    The SLIPNOT coated platform, grating treads and drain covers are ensuring 100% shoe to surface contact, consistently allowing for a safe and sanitary working surface.

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