Slip Resistant Stainless Steel Plates Applied to Airpower Man Lifts

Slip Resistant Stainless Manlifts
  • The Situation:

    Superlift Material Handling Inc. offers one of the most complete Superlift lines in the Industry, from skid lifts to extra heavy duty tables. Capacities are available from 500lbs to 100,000 lbs. Offering more lift methods and options than any other suspension manufacturer in the industry. Superlift Material Handling was approached by a food processing facility in need of ergonomic platforms. The platform lift is propelled by two air cylinders. The lifts rise in 3-4 seconds to full height through the use of foot control and lower as needed, so that someone who is 5’6 can work in a similar height and speed as someone who is 6’2” without extending their arms over their head or reaching too far. Superlift Material Handling then reached out to SLIPNOT for a slip resistant surface to add safety.

  • The Solution:

    SLIPNOT provided slip resistant Grade 2 stainless steel plates to add to the lifts for the food processing plant’s workers so they do not have to fear slipping and falling when moving around on the platform. OSHA’S Fall Protection Standard applies whenever a worker is 4 feet off of the ground. SLIPNOT's Grade 2 stainless steel creates safe walking surfaces and ease for the food processing facility, knowing their employees can perform their work safely on this abrasive surface. By choosing stainless steel for these work platforms, the food processing facility will have minimal maintenance and a corrosion/chemical resistant work surface.

  • The Impact:

    Stainless steel was the most reliable, corrosion resistant choice for man lifts being used in a food processing facility. Superlift Material Handling Inc. was so pleased with SLIPNOT's performance that they continue to order more stainless steel plates to contribute to the overall lift safety design.

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