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Steel Sidewalk Plates Create Safety for Pedestrians on the DuSable Bridge

The Situation:

Previously known as the Michigan Avenue Bridge, the DuSable Bridge was recently renamed to honor the first resident of Chicago, Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable. As the founder of the city in the late 1700’s, his work jumpstarted a small trading post into a global metropolis. After 10 years of hard work, those who fought to have the bridge renamed after him celebrated in October 2010. Many believe renaming the bridge shows diversity in Chicago and represents the 21st century.

The DuSable Bridge is a bascule bridge that carries Michigan Avenue across the main stem of the Chicago River in downtown Chicago. Due to the heavy traffic present on this bridge, safety was a top priority and a slip resistant surface was needed.

The Solution:

After contacting SlipNOT® for a solution, sidewalk plates were found to be the best solution. Due to steel’s extreme surface hardness and durability, the plates will not wear easily and require little maintenance. The bridge plates were provided in various lengths and widths to be installed. The city chose to paint the plates to prevent rust and corrosion after purchasing. Depending on the city or county specification, SlipNOT® is easily welded or bolted down.

The Impact:

Years later the SlipNOT® steel plates continue to provide superior slip resistance and maintain their high coefficient of friction, even when wet. Aiding the city in keeping pedestrians safe, the plates avoid slip and fall accidents and are little to maintenance. SlipNOT® plates are versatile and can be easily retrofitted over existing slippery surfaces or built into new bridge construction.