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Steel Plates Installed on Industrial Turntables at Airfloat


Airlfloat began in 1967 as a pioneer of air bearing technology, creating unique heavy-load movement solutions for over 40 years. Airfloat is based in Central Illinois and works with multiple industries to create material-handling solutions for loads requiring frictionless, omnidirectional movement to products weighing more than 150 tons. Airfloat offers full service engineering, in-house manufacturing and field support services. From standard air skids and platforms to custom-designed and built floating assembly lines, Airfloat helps market leaders revolutionize their manufacturing processes. Airfloat wanted to provide a non slip flooring option for their customers, so they contacted SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring for advice.


SlipNOT® provided Airfloat with 14 pieces of 3/8” x 5’ x 10’ Grade 2 painted black steel plates. SlipNOT®’s non-slip steel plates were easily installed on Airfloats industrial turntables and flush-floor tables. A purchasing manager at Airfloat states “one of our largest customers requires SlipNOT® to be used on every table we build for them, citing safety as the primary reason. Customers appreciate the added safety and peace of mind offered by the product.”

SlipNOT® has installed non-slip steel plates on similar applications such as A&A Metal Products. The plates retrofitted around machinery, providing full surface traction for employees. A fabrication manager had said our product has been in their facility for the last 15 years and is still holding up really well.


Airfloat appreciated the high-end appearance and durability of SlipNOT®. Airfloat refurbishes many of the products they sell and often after years, or even decades of field service, SlipNOT® always comes back looking and performing great.