Central Heat Plant at Southern Utah University Replaces Existing Stair Treads

Step Covers for Univeristy
  • The Situation:

    Southern Utah University, a public university in Cedar City, UT, was responsible for eliminating a slippery stair situation in the Central Heat Plant on campus. The current mix of bar grating and expanded metal treads with bare diamond nosings were extremely slippery especially after being compromised by elements such as rain or snow. Southern Utah University did not want to replace all of the existing treads. They needed to find a non-slip solution that could be retrofitted directly over the existing steel stair treads for a quick but permanent fix to the problem.

  • The Solution:

    Southern Utah University contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring to determine the best solution possible. A SLIPNOT sales representative worked with Southern Utah University on the Central Heat Plant project and determined that steel plate stair treads would solve the problem. Southern Utah University ordered (15) 1/8’’ x 9-3/4’’ x 37’’ Grade 2 steel on steel stair treads with 1-1/2’’ nosings for one area of the stairs and (9) 1/8’’ x 11-1/8’’ x 39’’ steel stair treads with 1-1/2’’ nosings for the second area of stairs. Having SLIPNOT fabricate the non-slip steel stair treads to the exact dimensions needed ensured an easy installation process.

    SLIPNOT shipped the steel stair treads to Southern Utah University to be easily welded over the existing treads in the Central Heat Plant facility. Southern Utah University’s utilities team would be installing the stair treads.

  • The Impact:

    The SLIPNOT non-slip steel stair tread coverings were installed at Southern Utah University and the staff couldn’t be happier. The utilities manager at the university stated that “the stair treads were installed and they are fabulous, exactly what we were looking for.” SLIPNOT steel stair treads will continue to ensure a safe walking environment, during all seasons, for all those who utilize them for many years to come.

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