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Non Slip Steel Transforms Diamond Plate for Final Assembly Line in Ford Dearborn Plant

The Situation:

The Ford Engine Automobile Plant, formerly known as the Ford River Rouge Complex, was looking for a solution to slippery areas in the final assembly area of the facility. In the final assembly area the last stage trucks go through is to be washed underneath and then driven off the line. Personnel have to physically get in the truck and drive it to a lot at a quick pace. With a slippery stepping surface this could be a slip hazard.

The maintenance leader was familiar with SlipNOT® products and suggested contacting a sales representative to inquire if they could visit for an estimate. In the past epoxy was used on top of diamond plate, which worked but for a short amount of time, until it began chipping.

The Solution:

The plant was preparing for a small shut down and that was the perfect time for the customer to remove the existing diamond plate and ship it to SlipNOT® for the steel coating to be applied. SlipNOT® received the plates, blasted and coated the plates, and then sent them back to Ford to be installed within a day turnaround time. The plates were then painted yellow for added visibility and safety.

The Impact:

SlipNOT® created a permanent solution to the rinse off area of the final assembly line. SlipNOT® is bonded at over 4,000 psi so it will not chip or flake off like temporary products. The plates provide a slip resistant, durable surface for high traffic environments and will provide safety for years to come. The next time our sales rep was out visiting several employees indicated they were happy with the new products. SlipNOT® has worked to ensure the safety of drivers in wet conditions by providing stable footing.