How To Clean SLIPNOT

Power Washing SLIPNOT

SLIPNOT products are engineered to be utilized in harsh, high traffic environments.   As with any flooring product, SLIPNOT products may need to be cleaned in order to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as keep their non slip properties in top notch condition.

How does the SLIPNOT surface become contaminated?

  1. The SLIPNOT surface is comprised of a series of peaks and valleys that run in a random stacked hatch matrix across the surface of the product.  For SLIPNOT Grade 2, the most commonly utilized surface, the valleys are between 0.020-0.025” deep.  Dirt, oil, grease, and construction debris among other naturally occurring substances can collect in the valleys causing stains or other unwanted surface discolorations or even compromising the products high traction surface.
  2. Cutting, drilling and welding on the stainless steel and aluminum surfaces may cause discoloration from fluids or processes as the surface is fabricated.
  3. Placing any product with the steel surface (painted or mill) in a wet or humid environment without protecting it with a galvanized surface will cause rust. This includes water or certain cleaning solutions used while trying to maintain the surface.

How are SLIPNOT products best cleaned and maintained?

  1. Start by using compressed air and/or a brush or broom to dislodge any debris on the surface.
  2. Next try a power washer along with a stiff bristled brush.  A normal mop will not work for the SLIPNOT surface as it is too rough and will only catch and tear apart a cloth or sponge mop.
  3. If a power washer cannot be used in the area because of location or if it is an unprotected steel surface, attempt to clean with just the stiff brush or broom.  It is extremely important to get within the surface matrix profile to dislodge any contaminants at this stage
  4. If a solvent is needed to remove grease, grime, oil or other organic based stains try brake cleaner which can be purchased commercially.  Also if trying to remove a stain or dirt from stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel SLIPNOT, tri-sodium phosphate  (also known as aluminum siding cleaner) is a good option.  Scrub the problem areas with a brush being careful not to scrub so intensely as to damage the non slip surface specifically on aluminum products.  SLIPNOT will provide test sample pieces free of charge upon request in order to test cleaning methods.
  5. After this step power wash the area again in order to remove any excess chemicals unless the surface is unprotected steel.
  6. A floor cleaning machine with rotating brushes also works well for dislodging debris within theSLIPNOT surface.  The brushes are able to consistently work within the valleys helping to clean out and maintain the high traction integrity of the product.  It is possible that equipment may need modifications for use with SLIPNOT surfaced materials.

Specifics, Please Be Aware:

  1. Aluminum, by nature, is a soft metal.  Please use caution when scrubbing the aluminum SLIPNOT surface with a brush.  Too much force may cause damage to the peaks of the slip resistant surface.
  2. If the stainless steel surface has been contaminated by outside agents and is or is showing surface rust spots, more aggressive cleaning methods can be utilized.  Please contact a SLIPNOT representative for further information.
  3. As mentioned above, using water or other cleaning solutions on the untreated steel surface will cause rust.
  4. It is possible that harsh cleaning agents can discolor the SLIPNOT surface.  Please contact SLIPNOT for a sample piece of material for testing before using cleaning agents on project pieces.  SLIPNOT will gladly provide you material free of charge.
  5. SLIPNOT is not responsible for damage to the products caused by third parties.  Please use caution when fabricating the product as well as when applying chemical agents or scrubbing the surface for maintenance.

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